About Kelly

Kelly Powell is the owner and operator of Kelly's Cakes.  Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she has a deep love for family, music, food and fun.  In the 20 years that she spent working in the service industry, her understanding of the art of cooking and food preparation grew as well as her enthusiasm for learning new things.  What started out as a mild obsession, turned into a true passion for cooking.  It wasn’t until she moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2006 that she had the opportunity to explore the artistic side of food.  

During her time in San Antonio, she avidly pursued the art of baking and cake designing.  As an artist, the concept of cake designing came fairly easily to her.  She spent years honing her cake recipes, learning new decorating techniques and studied structure building. In January of 2008, Kelly’s Cakes was created.  

When she returned to Austin in 2011, she started working for Becky Nichols, at A Trip To Bountiful Bakery & Café.  In her time at Bountiful, she also had the honor of being part of the Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation. The non-profit foundation provides relief to Central Texas children with cancer as they fight the greatest battle of their young lives. Through their Comfort Through Food Program, they were able to make hundreds of children and adults alike smile with cakes made for their birthdays and end of treatment parties. They also created the desserts & cakes for large events including the annual Hungry Bunch Prom, Halloween Party, Childhood Cancer Awareness Fair and the Lights of Love 5k for the Children’s Blood & Cancer Center, Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas and the Austin Ronald McDonald House.

As of March 2014, Kelly's Cakes operates as a home bakery business at 4505 Truth Way Austin, Texas 78725. She continues to expand her client base by focusing on one basic value that she holds very dear, quality over quantity.

Our Concept

The sole purpose of this venture was to create something that no one else in the area was offering.  Most bakeries would have you choose your design from a catalog of cakes or only have standard cakes for you to choose from.  We understand that there are many bakeries and home bakers to choose from when it comes to selecting a cake. Our aim is to provide custom, one-of-a-kind cakes & cookies for all of our clients.

Our core concept is more about full client services than just making great cakes and cookies.  We strive to create unique cakes and cookies with our clients ideas as the basis of the design, but catering to our clients every need is what has made Kelly's Cakes successful.  Our party planning services and the fact that our clients never have to leave their home for a consultation or to pick up their cakes have been some of the most well received aspects of our services.  

Our full client services include:
-Design consultation
-Party planning services
-Rental equipment
-Inclusive hardware and boards
-Delivery and Set-up
-Attendant and serving services
-Tear down and Pick-up
-Continued client benefits

Please read the "Our process" section below and/or FAQs for additional information on these services.

Our Process

From designing the cake, to planning the party, our goal is to involve you with every aspect of the party planning experience.  All of our cakes are custom designed to meet your standards.  This section outlines the services we offer and what to expect when you become a client of Kelly's Cakes.

Design Consultations

When designing a cake, you will need to decide what flavor cake, filling and icing you want. You will also need to think about what style cake you want,  your budget and how many servings you will need.  Prior to your consultation, we will start with a brief Q & A with basic questions about your party: budget, servings, theme, location, etc.  Once we have enough information to go on, we will provide you with some cake designs that fit your style and serving requirements. During your design consultation we will select a design that you like and continue to polish it until you have the cake you want.  If you have photos of cakes that you like, we can use them as inspiration to create your cake. Out of respect for other cake designers, we prefer not to duplicate their work and to provide you with a unique cake of your own.  


We offer a wide selection of cake flavors, icings and fillings for you to choose from. Tasting sampler packages include 3 types of cake and 3 types of icings/fillings and cost $30.  If you are unsure of flavor combos you would like to try, we are always happy to suggest some flavors.  If you are purchasing a sampler and your cake will have more than 100 servings or cost more than $500, then the cost of your sampler will be deducted from your final bill.  

Party Planning Services

We offer a range of party packages.  Whether you want to handle a little or a lot of your party planning, we're here to help.  The full service, tier 1 party package only requires you to choose certain details of your party and we do the rest.  Tier 2 packages require that you complete some of the party planning yourself, with a great amount of assistance from us.  Tier 3 party packages require you to do most of the party planning yourself, with little assistance from us.  And tier 4 party packages only include items related to your cake/treats.  All party package prices are based on number of people invited to your party and your level of involvement.  For more details on what these packages include and pricing, please call or email us.

Rental Equipment

We have a wide selection of rental equipment for you to choose from.  We offer you the opportunity to lease or purchase non-disposable cake boards and support structures, cake stands, treat stands, cupcake stands and trees, lolly pop trees, chocolate fountain, display dishes and platters, candy dishes, apothecary jars, serving utensils, tables and table linens, Iced Tea and Lemonade Urns.  The cost of some of our rental equipment is inclusive with party packages.  Our equipment is only available to our clients; we do not lease or sell items to the general public.  A deposit check is required for most rentals.  If items are broken or damaged when returned, then your deposit becomes non-refundable.  For more valuable items like acrylic stands, glassware and fountains, if it is broken when returned, then you will be responsible for purchasing it at current value.  Standard delivery and pick-up policies apply (please see below).

Inclusive Hardware and Boards

A certain amount of our items are inclusive with the cost of your cake/cupcakes/treats.  All of our cakes are served on disposable boards unless otherwise ordered or necessary.  Cakes that are more than 3 feet tall may require more than disposable bases and internal structures.  Larger, sturdier bases and structure must be leased.  Various treats such as cake pops, lolly pops, chocolate pops, marshmallow pops, and decorated cookies are generally not served in treat bags.  The bags, ties and boxes in which they are presented are not inclusive in the cost of the treat purchased.  All cakes and cupcakes are delivered in boxes that you may keep to store left overs.  If your cake is too large to fit in a box, then you may request a box for later use.

Delivery and Set-up

You will never be charged any set-up fees.  The set up fee is inclusive in the cost of your cake.  Delivery is also inclusive in the cost of your cake, party package and/or equipment rental when delivered within 10 miles from 4505 Truth Way, Austin, Texas 78725 .  Delivery charges are assessed over 10 miles. Our delivery charges are as follows:

10-15 miles......$10
15-20 miles.....$15
20-25 miles......$20
25-30 miles......$25
30-35 miles......$30
35-40 miles......$40
40-50 miles......$50
50-60 miles.....$60
60+ miles.........$80+

Attendant and Serving Services

Sometimes there is the need to have someone in charge of your dessert table or cake and some cakes are not always intuitive to cut.  For this reason we offer our attending and serving services.  Most weddings venues will have catering services that include cake cutting.  If you are hosting a large scale party with a large dessert table(s), then it may be necessary to have an attendant to serve as part of your catering staff.  For most other parties you will not need an attendant.  We will always offer you suggestions on how to cut our cakes, but if you would rather have someone else cut it for you, we can help.  Our attending and serving services cost $50.  The service lasts until serving of the cake is finished, and is not to exceed two hours of service.  Services also include continual cleaning, tear-down and clean up of the serving area. 

Tear Down and Pick-up

We offer tear down services as part of our attending and serving services.  Pick-up services are inclusive in the cost of party packages.  Clients who have not purchased a party package are responsible for returning  leased items to us.  If you lease items from us, and do not wish to return the items yourself, then we will be more than happy to come pick them up.  A retrieval fee of $25 will be charged for retrievals under 30 miles. Retrieval fees for distances over 30 miles are assessed using the same delivery charge assessment chart listed above.

Continued Client Benefits

We offer our clients perks!  Whether you are a repeat client or a referral client, there are many ways to earn discounts and free cake...and who doesn't like free cake?!?! 

Loyalty can earn you free cake too! Fill up your Loyalty card for a free cake on your sixth order! (8" round basic cake*-$45 value).

Stay up to date on our Facebook page for discounts & holiday specials.

*Discounts are not to be combined and are not interchangeable.  Discounts are not applicable on fresh flowers, gumpaste decorations, cake stands, toppers, packaging or delivery charges. Minimum purchase order is $50. Purchases will be tracked in your client profile with Kelly's Cakes.  

*Basic cakes are chocolate or vanilla cake with swiss vanilla buttercream icing.  Servings can be applied to a larger order or as an additional cake or treats.